Reporting Module behaving inconsistently

I don’t know if anyone has experienced any of the following issues with the Reporting Module:

  1. Criteria adding themselves to subjects, apparently at random.
  2. Not being able to remove said unwanted criteria from subjects using Home > Reporting > Admin Criteria
  3. Some subjects present in the subject reports but then not appearing in the final proofreading and PDF creation stages.

I have so far tried reinstalling the Reporting module, this helped slightly at the beginning of the process but the reports have now been completed by teachers so I don’t want to lose data. We are now in the last week of term and would like to release the reports to parents asap.

This problem is particularly bad for classes split between year groups but also affects other classes. Has anyone else experienced these difficulties and have any tips on how to fix it?

Thank you.

I have managed to remove most of the rogue criteria but now the “PDF Mail” option is not available. It is also greyed out in the Manage Permissions section. I do not believe the issue is related as I was also working on the parent permissions today. Has anyone got any ideaswhat I may have done?

Hi sdbaldwin,

The best person to help with this would be @andystat who created the module. I’ve installed a copy of the module to see if I can help out in the meantime.

It looks like the permissions for the PDF Mail option has been misconfigured in the manifest.php, causing the action to be unselectable in the Manage Permissions page. Since your module is already installed, the best way to fix this would be to run the following line of SQL:
UPDATE gibbonAction SET categoryPermissionStaff=‘Y’ WHERE name=‘PDF Mail’ AND gibbonModuleID=(SELECT gibbonModuleID FROM gibbonModule WHERE name=‘Reporting’);`

After running that SQL on your database, if you go back to the Manage Permissions page you should now see the checkboxes for staff-roles are selectable. Once you update the permissions the action should appear again in the sidebar.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Sandra, I also contacted Andy directly yesterday and he suggested the same fix. I am delighted to say it worked!