Report Module Documentation

Respected Sandra/Admin,
Many Many congratulations on releasing V19. And that’s fascinating. What a great work done by all of your team Sandra! Great addition of Reports Module.

I am looking for help/Documentation/Step by Step procedure to set up Reports Module as I and others are in dire need for this. So I request you to please provide a feature list and documentation for Reports Module.

Once again Congratulations and Many Thanks for Great Work for a better World.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam, thanks for your enthusiastic reception for v19. We are excited too! Sandra has put together some wonderful documentation for the new module, which you can see at:

Happy reporting!


Great! It cleared most of things. Can you please explain how we can get Transcripts written from reports. as I am not finding solution . The transcript will have
1-School Name and Logo
2-Student Info
3-Roll Group Info
4-Course , Marks Obtained , Total Marks , Percentage Marks
5-Overall Percentage Marks
6-Grade (Based on overall percentage Grade)
7-Signature of Headmaster

It will be a great favour as we have to do it in text month.

Best Regards,

For Transcripts, @ross is working on a template for this, and should be able to share it here once it is ready. I am not sure it will be ready by next month, but let’s see what Sandra says. Ross.