Report card designing for my school

Good morning, hope this email finds you well, Am Daren from Uganda. Your kind assistance will be appreciated, it’s about Gibbon school system. On designing my report card template I would like to include the columns and rows for different subjects, in the body section, how can I go about it?

Hi @cyber welcome to the Gibbon community.

Gibbon’s reports are built with a template system, which can be customized with a combination of HTML and Twig template code. Be sure to check out the Gibbon docs and Twig docs. I recommend duplicating the existing templates, seeing how they work, and modifying them from there.

If you don’t have coding knowledge and wish to make custom templates, there are Gibbon partners such as @tiekubd who offer services to help with report template design. Be sure to get in touch and share more details about what the template should look like.