Removing / Changing Colours in Mark Book

Is there any way that i can change the colours in the mark book used. If not does anyone know how to disable the colours used as some of the younger classes have their target for 5 years time therefore always shows RED


gpsal, do you mean the red highlight that surrounds low grades? This can be disabled under Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings by using the five controls under the Warnings section. Let me know if this is not what you are looking for. Thanks, Ross.

When I disable this the colours are still there, below are the colours that i mean, the orange and green i don’t want to show up


I believe the setting is only effective on newly entered data, or data that has been edited since the change. Can you go into the markbook column in question, go to the data entry view, and press submit. You should find the warnings disappear.

You can set all concerns of all students in all columns in bulk, if you want, using the following SQL direct on your database:

UPDATE gibbonMarkbookEntry SET attainmentConcern=‘N’, effortConcern=‘N’;



Ok Thank you