Remove Header From Fee Receipt or Invoice

Dear Support Team,

in our school, there is a custom header for each type of school. so I want to remove header from Receipt or invoice please guide me on how to do it?

page link:

there is a custom header for each type of fee category. (not school)

Hi vishalr,

You can find the template for these pages in the resources/templates/report.twig.html file. You’re likely looking to remove the whole <div id="header-report"> … </div> section. To ensure your changes persist from version to version, rather than editing this file directly, you can place your modified version of the file in the <code class="CodeInline">themes/Default/templates folder (create one if it doesn’t already exist).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for quick support @ross

@ross after remove header, I have to restore the same code but there is no change.

I want to again header in fee receipt.

Hi vishalr,

If you need to restore your changes you cou;d reset them back to the current version by grabbing the original file from GitHub:

@ross I want to change the receipt template, I have added modify a template in theme folder but there is show effect my old template.

how to set new template design for all receipts because I want to change the receipt wise logo.

I have attached report.twing.html File, I have change the logo but there is show the default logo and right side text remove but there is show me.

@admin @ross

Gibbon, Flexible & Open School System
Copyright (C) 2010, Ross Parker

This is a Gibbon template file, written in HTML and Twig syntax.
For info about editing, see:

{{ include('head.twig.html') }}
            <div id="header-logo" class="leading-none">
                <img class="block max-w-full" alt="{{ organisationNameShort }}" src="{{ absoluteURL }}/{{ organisationLogo|default("/themes/Default/img/tns.png") }}" width="400"/>


        <div id="content-wrap-report" class="w-full max-w-full">
            {% if isLoggedIn %}
                {{ content|join("\

")|raw }}
{% endif %}

        <div id="footer-report" class="pt-8 text-xs text-right italic">
            {{ __('Created by %1$s (%2$s) at %3$s on %4$s.')|format(username, organisationNameShort, time, date) }}

report.twing.html file code