Remove a particular class from timetable

I would like an elegant way to remove all entries of a particular class from a timetable. This was a mistake and I need to replace this class with another existing class, so not a simple case of renaming the class. I do not want to do this manually. A mistake was made and the good thing is no attendance has been taken yet.

Hi Tieku, this is an interesting question, and other than deleting the course and/or class, there is no simpler way. If, as you say, it was added by mistake, then there should be no knock-ons for a deletion.

As of Gibbon v23 (due out 20th of January 2022), Query Builder’s Value Added License will start syncing useful commands: your question is the kind of problem that we should easily be able to solve using this tool, when you don’t want a fully-fledged interface to do something, but you do want a head start.



So the solution is actually (maybe) simpler than I thought. Delete the class and then it disappears from any timetable where it occurs. And then re-use relevant lines in my import file to re-populate the timetable.

And I look forward to seeing v23: syncing useful commands.