Religion field, change to work like Ethnicity


In Indonesia, there are officially 6 religions (Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism). We need to be able to customize the dropdown for Religion, similarly to how you can customize the dropdown for Ethnicity and other fields.
What are the thoughts about this?

I need to get (back) up to speed with PHP and such, so I hope to submit some patches in the future, and I will tackle this if nobody has done it before, but I am hoping this is a relatively reasonable request :wink:

ITManagerBali (Urko?),

Just made this change in the v12 dev branch for you. You can see it in the following commits:

It is not backwards compatible with v11, however, so you will either need to wait for v12 to come out in June 2016…or run in Cutting Edge mode by downloading from GitHub.



Yes, Urko. Made this account as well so I can get here from my work browser :slight_smile:

I just saw those commits on GitHub. You are quick as lightning!
I hope over the next couple of years I can build up some decent contributions to Gibbon. We are now full speed ahead in rolling it out. Over the March Break we had a group of people type in all our current students. Looking good!


That is the best news I have had today : ) Let me know how you get on with the process of making Gibbon work for your school. We can’t always make changes that fast…but we try!

Your future contributions would be most welcome…if not in code, then documentation is always something we need help on.

If you are willing, at some point, have a one-line testimonial to use on our site would be great…preferably with your name/role, and the school name/logo. Does that sound doable?




I don’t see why not. I will check with the powers that be just in case, and get back to you.