Hello team,

As flexible as Gibbon is I realized reports section can be used to produce rankings and analysis data like:

  1. Form Group mean score per subject/course from internal assessment
  2. List of Students ranked from top to bottom according to performance in the different form groups.
I believe this and other analytical data can be retrieved through templating or other methods. Any guidance on which component can be a good template to start with or can we place this into future request under components in template builder.

PS: We are generating report cards in the report module but it gets difficult to know:

  1. who to award as best student
  2. best performing class(on overall class mean and subject mean)
I know the tracking section can be used for progress tracking (analytics) but still there's room for more features.

Hi Kelvin,

One aim of our Gibbon team is to help as many schools and community members as we can, as often as we can.

Unfortunately, I personally won’t be able to offer you any assistance on this particular topic.

Morally, in terms of child development, I have serious objections to both rankings and score-based academic awards. These are, I believe, some of the most harmful instruments that school use on their students. I know the use of such tools and approaches is sometimes out of the hands of an individual teacher, administrator or even school, and so I am in no way passing judgement on any individual here. It is simply an approach to schooling by which I cannot abide.

In designing Gibbon we’ve taken care to avoid certain practices, and although we know that these can be built in, should a given programmer or school desire, we will continue to avoid including them in the core, or any of our additional modules.

I’d be happy to discuss this further, should you wish : )



Cheers @admin

It’s unfortunate that some and I guess majority of schools are still doing this practice and it goes countrywide because candidates are also order ranked and announced nationwide :#

The intended reason here was for internal staff analysis and to see how best to help.



Hi Kelvin,

I understand, and am sympathetic, especially as it is out of your hands. Knowing that it is for internal staff use definitely eases my concerns a little, but if we built this functionality I am sure it will be used, somewhere, in a way that students can access.



I personally agree with you. I as well don’t prefer ranking as practice in a school and believe it is harmful. I am an IT personnel who tries to consult a school I am working as a part-timer to use school management system. And in my search for a school management system, I found Gibbon to be interesting and I wanted the school to try it. It is unfortunate that almost all schools in Ethiopia practice ranking. One of the questions I was asked when I propose Gibbon was if it has a ranking system.

One day I hope our school system will be free from such a harmful practice

Thank you for the answer

Hi Fidel, I’m sorry to hear that you find yourself in tension with the schools you support. I’m also sorry that Gibbon can’t help you with this one : ( At my school we’ve never ranked, but we used to give a lot of grades, and this is something we’ve worked hard to move away from it. It was a 10 year effort, with a lot of work spent nudging parents to new ways of thinking about education…but worth it! Ross.