Question regarding timetable configuration

Hi Ross,

When during more research on Gibbon v17, I came across a new field “Day Column Name” when configuring a new timetable, e.g. in “modules/Timetable Admin/tt_add.php”.

I’m currently rather happy with the timetable implementation in Gibbon v12. It allows great flexibility e.g. various day structure within a week, changes of the timetable even in the course of a term, etc.

How does this new field come in? How can it help us?

Kind regards,

Ok folks,

I will try to answer the question myself.

This field doesn’t change anything related to the configuration of the timetable. It simply affects the header of the timetable anytime it shows up somewhere in Gibbon.

I believe in most cases the user wants to see the “day of the week”, e.g. Mon, Tue, etc. In some probably rare cases we would want to see the “Short Name” of the “Timetable Day”, e.g. Mo1R, Tu1R.

That’s it, I guess…

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Hi Roman,

You are spot on, it is a relatively minor change. We introduced this when ICHK Secondary moved from a one-week timetable to a two-week timetable. Some related fields allow colour to be set, so we now have: