Question about the Finance Module, Invoices and Showing Reveue


We are trying to use Gibbon Edu as our SIS system and it has been going fairly well. However, we are trying to integrate our school income and expenses with the finance module and are having some issues.

We have successfully created a budget, fees, allocation etc., but when we test issued and invoice and completed payment we cannot:

a.) VIew the invoice under the View Invoices (Under Finances → Billing). Nothing is showing up, we can only view the invoices under Manage Invoices and only when we select the proper issued or after payment, paid categories.

b.) The test payments recieved… we are not sure where this money is going. We cannot seem to find a menu/area to view additions to our budget from incoming payments, or a clear area where we can denote different bank accounts and their balances pending expenses or revenue/income.

I am not sure if we are missing something or if these features are not implemented. Since we are not doing anything complex, I believe we have something configured improperly or are looking in the wrong place.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

-Alfred Thein

Hello @alfred.thein welcome to the Gibbon forums!

I’m happy to help answer some questions:

a) The View Invoices permission is only available on two levels, View Invoices_myChildren and View Invoices_mine, and is intended for parents or students to view their own invoices. If you have staff who need to view all invoices, then they will need the Manage Invoices permission.

b) Gibbon isn’t a full fledged piece of accounting software, and cannot track bank accounts or balances for you. If you setup and enable a third party payment system such as Paypal or Stripe, through System Admin > Third Party Settings, then it can accept online payments and these can go into the associated account with that payment system. Otherwise, when accepting cash or cheque payments, there is a payment ID option that assumes your finance people have a system for tracking payments and assigning it with an ID.

Hope this helps! Gibbon does a lot, but as open source software made by a small team, it can’t replicate the giant finance suites out there made by large corporations. It aims to have just enough finance options to suffice for small schools, or for larger schools who bridge it with another finance tracking method.

Thank you for your prompt reply and answering my questions fully.