Query for custom fields

What table stores the custom fields?

Can I get a simple select statement to generate a list of users along with the custom field entries?


If you’re using MySQL rather than MariaDB, the syntax is nice and readable, for example:

SELECT gibbonPerson.fields->>‘$.“0001”’ as ‘Custom Field’ FROM gibbonPerson;`

Where 0001 is the database ID of the custom field (which you can see in the URL parameters when editing a custom field). If you use MariaDB, for some reason it doesn’t support the shorter syntax, but you can use a longer one:

SELECT JSON_UNQUOTE(JSON_EXTRACT(gibbonPerson.fields, ‘$.0001’)) as ‘Custom Field’ FROM gibbonPerson;`

This worked. Thanks Sandra.

I must have MariaDB even though Home > System Admin > System Overview says I have

MySQL Version 10.4.20

I checked the database.and gibbonPerson.fields is being populated with the Custom User fields but not the Custom Staff fields



The fields are stored in the table they relate to, so User fields are in gibbonPerson, staff fields are in gibbonStaff, medical fields are in gibbonPersonMedical, etc.