Putting classes into classrooms

Hello and Thank you for such a great platform.
I have been working on setting up my school with the help of your online documentation. I have the timetable working and with classes added and Teachers in each class. However, the Timetable looks a little messy as there is no separation into classrooms. I have set them up in the section “Manage Facilities” ie. classroom 1, classroom 2, etc.
Now how do I link the classes to the classrooms?
I have gone to timetable/Manage Facility Changes/
And I get stuck on the section when it asks for the “Upcoming Class Slots *” as there is nothing to select.

I’m sure that it’s just me being a little silly and blind to something.

All advice welcome.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your kind words : )

If you go to Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Timetable, and add a timetable, you will, after several intermediate steps, get to the point where you assign classes to rows (periods/lessons/sessions) within the timetable. At that point, you get to select from the facilities you created in Manage Facilities.

Hope this helps!