Progress by Reporting Cycle - There are no records to display.

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I am unable to view progress by person when trying to view one of our reporting scopes. I do see it when viewing by reporting cycle. Can anyone assist?

Its also not showing up under Home > Reports > My Reporting

Hi rprice1978, the reporting cycles will only show up on these pages if they are active, and the current user has access to them by their role. First, check the start and end dates of the reporting cycle in your Manage Reporting Cycles page, then be sure to add access in Manage Access, and check the start and end dates of the access, as well as the roles. With both these set, you should see the reporting cycle in both places. Hope this helps!

HI Sandra, All of these are correct. It still not showing up

Is there a way to grab this data from the database. Need it for a report

Hi Rayhann, I think that this is a bug, and although there is no fix listed in /CHANGELOG.txt, I suspect that it has been fixed somewhere between v20 (the version you are on) and v24 (the most recent release). Are you able to set up a copy of your installation to test the upgrade to v24 and see if that resolves the issue? If it does not, we can dig deeper. Thanks! Ross