Program of study and graduation

I may be missing something, but it seems to me Gibbon does not have a way to indicate a student has graduated other than writing in the reason for leaving in the Student Profile.

That’s okay as an ad hoc solution, but for institutions of higher education, having a way to indicate a student’s program of study and graduation date are important. This provides key information when generating transcripts (something I have been discussing with @andystat ). It also allows for students who study multiple programs at the same institution over a period of time as well as generate statistics about graduation rates for an institutional self-study.

It makes the most sense to me to put this information in the Student Profile, where it already indicates status (Full, Left, etc.). I can add custom fields to the user interface to deal with this, but if this is something that might make it into v. 14 or 15, I will hold off.

The really useful information would be:

Program Expected Graduation Date Graduation Date
Diploma May 7, 2016 May 7, 2016
Bachelor Degree May 12, 2018

The Program piece would most likely need to be a drop-down menu, configurable in the School Admin module.

I see the expected graduation date is already available in the School Information section of the Student Profile. So really the Program and Graduation Date fields would be the main additions to the Student Profile.

If this does not really fit with where Gibbon is going, I think we can use custom fields to handle it. But I thought I would make the proposal and see what you think.


Daniel, good questions. In terms of design we are trying to keep the core of Gibbon as school-neutral as possible, and this functionality is definitely more higher education focused. This is obviously a blurry and ever changing line, and is definitely up for debate/negotiation though! My starting point is that this might all be best integrated into an external module, with other higher ed focused functionality. It could then be hooked into the student profile so that the information is available in that one place. The question is who would build it…but in theory, what do you think? Ross.

I see what you mean. Who would build it, that is indeed the question. I suppose I need to find someone who can do this.

I suppose I would argue it is a basic concern of all schools to track the reason why students leave, so something in the Student Profile about reason for leaving would make all kinds of sense for nearly every school. So it makes sense in the core of Gibbon.

On the other hand, not every school has multiple programs of study. I can see how you might not want to build that into Gibbon core. But then again it would not involve adding a huge amount of code or columns in a database, right? And if you make it optional, schools that don’t need it can safely ignore it. I am just thinking of a non-invasive change that would greatly increase Gibbon’s potential reach.

Daniel, that is the million dollar question! You could put a bounty on it and advertise it on a coding site, or find a local firm. If you can get someone to contribute it to the core, along the lines you discuss above, then it could be in for v14. I don’t think we could get it into v14 ourselves, as we already have a lot of items lined up (including some huge backend changes on the object orientation front). v15 is a possibility, but I think your best bet is to find a coder or go with custom fields for now. You could always migrate over if we add it in at some point.

There is a field for departure reason already, which you can see if you edit a user, under the School Information section.

In order to get the output you want, you could use Query Builder (we might have to tweak it for you to work better with custom fields, but can deal with that once you get data in and can share a sample with us)

Hope this works for you, sorry we can’t do more sooner…limited resources!


I totally understand. I am looking in to working with @andystat on this one. We worked so much on reporting stuff that I think it will be easier to do it that way. We will see if I can swing it or not.

Personally, I think this feature will benefit more than just higher education. I second this feature. Two hands up! Any SIS should be able to define the type of program a student is in and report on the status.

Programmers interesting in tackling such problems, either in the core, or as an additional module, are always welcome! For the core Gibbon team, we really how our hands full at the moment looking to release v14, and then getting straight into v15, so no resources to add this ourselves.