Problems with courses and classes

I’m trying to implement gibbon for a primary school but I’m stuck at the subjects part.

I need to create all subjects then assign them to students by year or roll group or even individually in some cases. The way gibbon is structured right now isn’t allowing me to do so. Some instruction in this regard would be appreciated.

Also why don’t I see my students in the student finder? It shows me zero enrolled students when I have about 300 students assigned to year group and roll groups.

Finally, I have problems with the mark book. I’m sure this is as a result of the other difficulties listed above.

Gibbon is a wonderful tool no doubt but these niggling issues may just spoil a great project.

Steve, sorry to hear you are struggling with these issues. Let’s see if we can sort this out.

For course and classes, look under Admin > Timetable Admin. You can create all of the courses in Manage Courses & Classes. Essentially, you create a course, and then you create one or more classes within the course. Once this is done you can assign students to classes in bulk by using Course Enrolment by Class, or individually by using Course Enrolment by Person.

In terms of students not showing up, my first guesses are that they have not met their start date, or that they are enrolled in a non-current year (e.g. next year). Can you edit one of your students in Admin > User Admin > Manage Users and check that start date is either blank, or some date in the past.

Thanks for your positive and critical feedback on Gibbon. Documentation is one thing we are in need of. Hopefully we can support you through these initial teething problems so that you can get the most out of Gibbon.