Problems with accented characters in Portuguese


I´m using Database collation set to utf8_general_ci. When I use accented words, it doesn’t record with the accent in the database, as shown in the screenshot below. Is it possible to save in the base with the accent?

On Gibbon screens, the words with accents appear correctly. The problem is that I make reports by extracting the information directly from the database (SQL QUERY), where the words with accents are modified.


Hi Alessandra, I’ve looked into this question, at first thinking the input sensitization was being over zealous with it’s character encoding. However, this appears to be part of how the tinyMCE rich text editor itself works, as characters in a certain unicode range will be encoded to prevent malicious code being accidentally rendered or run in the backend. Other fields will not be converted in this way, just rich-text fields which can contain HTML. The text is using a standard HTML entity encoding, and while it looks like MySQL does not offer native, we could look at updating the Query Builder module to enable decoding these values as they are exported.