Problem with attendance cli script

Hi folks,

I just wonder, that I’m doing wrong. „userAdmin_statusCheckAndFix.php“ works nicely sending notice and email but I can’t make „attendance_dailyIncompleteEmail.php“ work. All I get is the following:

roman@debian:/srv/www/cli$ php attendance_dailyIncompleteEmail.php
Sent 0 notifications: 0 inserts, 0 updates, 0 emails sent, 0 emails failed.

Any ideas? What am I missing here?

Another question:
Wouldn’t it be useful to have some minimal logging on changes done to the db of one script?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

That is very odd. Attendance got an overhaul in v18, but this should be working fine in v17 (e.g. no known issues so far).

Are you able to look at the script, and see what SQL is being run and what it is returning? I’d be interested to see if the issue is data that is missing, or being mishandled in some way.



Hi Ross,

I was playing around with entries in table “gibbonNotificationEvent” and broke something. This resulted in $event = new NotificationEvent(‘Attendance’, ‘Daily Attendance Summary’); to fail and no notificiation/email to be sent.

Sorry for that. It’s working now. Thanks :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Playing around is how we learn…and get into trouble : ) I am a sucker for playing around! Glad you got it fixed.