Print Button Missing

Good Morning everyone.
I hope everyone is ok.
I noticed that print button is missing from Family Address by Student.
I can see the details but nowhere i can see print button. here and Example

Can someone tell me if i’m wrong.
The idea was to print all student details per Class.


Not all reports have a print option.

I cases like this I copy/paste the data into libreoffice calc, do a little layouting and print from there.

Works nicely for me. :slight_smile:

True but would nice if we could print directly from here would save time… Perhaps a feature on the v19. @ross.

Thanks dgago. We’re working on refactoring the tables, which when complete will add a print and export option to each report. It’s a major focus for v19, so hopefully this report will be done for this version, if not, then likely the next one.