Planner - unit Overview

Hi team,
I have one small question. When a student views the planner he has the option to see the unit overview. I want to hide the unit overview as the student can have access to all smart block content and lesson which I dont want them to view only until the unit is completed. Is there anyway to hide the unit overview.

Are the access settings not helping you?

Hi Meierrom,
I tried the access settings that’s under Planner settings. Changed all access settings to no but does not help. The Unit overview is still accessible by students.

Hi paschal, @meierrom’s guess is on the right lines, but in this case there is an over-ride: often we want students to have access to unit planners, even if they don’t have edit rights (which would be pretty unusual). For this reason, there is a setting to allow this under Admin > School Admin > Manage Planner Settings:

Let us know if this sorts the problem out for you.



Thanks for the reply Ross, Well that did not solve the problem. The unit overview can still be accessed by students and hence they can view the smart Blocks and have access to content from the Unit Planner of topics not yet covered. Would it be ok to make changes in the source code.


You could give a try making things work better in your scenario by hacking Gibbon’s code.

Depending on the usefulness of your hacks to other use cases these changes could then even make it into core. :slight_smile:

Hi paschal, it seems I’ve made a mistake, and you are indeed right. The feature you see only impacts the Unit Outline part of the Unit Planner, not the rest of the content. The thinking here was that as students can see lessons, there is no harm them seeing the smart blocks, but it sounds like your planning works differently.

By all means, do play around with the source code, but keep in mind that any changes you make will be lost on upgrade. As Roman suggests, contributing changes back would be best. A great solution here would be a Share Unit Overview option, which could then toggle the Share Unit Outline option (which would not be needed if Share Unit Overview is set to ‘N’). This is not a straight-forward set of changes, but we can guide you if you are interested.



Thanks Ross and Meierrom for the quick reply.