I have increase php.ini max_input_var from 1000 to 4000 in my hosting server but it is still showing 1000 in the permission setting as the system admin. I had written to the hosting company support team, I was informed that I can only get help from you. What can I do?

Hello, can you create a phpinfo() page and check it to see what it reports the max_input_vars value as? If it reports 1000, then you can tell your host that the issue is not specific to Gibbon. I suspect it is not a Gibbon issue, but rather a server config issue.

You can learn more about phpinfo here:

I wonder if perhaps you have edited php.ini for a different version of PHP than the one you are using?

Good luck!

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I have made a video series on how to use and configure Gibbon for beginners on YouTube . You can access it through the following URL.

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