PHP: Add nameInCharacters to SearchCriteria

Hello Gibbon-Team and Gibbon-Community,

how can i add “nameInCharacters” to the SearchCriteria?

I was searching in user_manage.php but cant find the right file for the searchprocess.

Thank you in advance!

@ross are you able to help with this one? Thanks!

Hi ub123,

If you open the file src/Domain/User/UserGateway.php you'll see an array at the top of the class called <code class="CodeInline">$searchableColumns. If you add nameInCharacters to this array, you should see that this field is now searchable.

Thank you Sandra! It is searchable now. :slight_smile:

How can i display the results of a new column in user_manage.php?

Code for new Column:

No Results in new Column:

Nvm Sandra just found it. Thank you!