Payment methods

A school wants to stop using PayPal and switch to something like Alipay, WeChat or some other payment method. Does anyone know how to do this? Can it be set to allow the user to choose their payment method?

Hi Andy,

In recent versions of Gibbon we’ve updated the payment system to use the Omnipay payment processing library in the background. So far, we’ve only implemented the Paypal and Stripe gateways, however the Omnipay community has created a large list of gateways, so it is possible for a developer to implement these in Gibbon with minimal changes to the core.

The steps for adding a new gateway would likely be:

  • Add the new gateway library via Composer
  • Update the src/Services/Payment/Payment.php file to implement the gateway. You'll see some switch statements in several of the methods for each gateway, which handles any parameters that are specific to that gateway.
  • Test the payment functionality with the payment provider, generally through a development API. The exact process to do this is relative to the payment provider (eg: Stripe has a separate API account for sandbox testing).

Currently however, Gibbon only supports one payment gateway being activated and available for payment processing, so at this time there’s no option for a user to choose their preferred method. This would be a much larger core change, requiring database and interface changes, and not currently on our planned roadmap.

Thanks Sandra