Parents ability to message Teachers

How do you enable the ability for Parents to send a message to Teachers through the messaging system? I didn’t see a permission that would enable that without enabling access to all users.

Same goes for Students, how can they message their Teachers without having access to other users including other students?

Hello, we use regular email for parents and students to email teachers (Gmail in our case). The messenger module is really only for bulk message sending, and our parents and students email individual teachers, in general. You can use the Staff module to share teacher email addresses with parents and students. Cheers, Ross.

Thank you. Is this something we could put in on a future feature request? It would be very useful for our situation.

Hello again, we could put it in a feature request, but to be honest (sorry!) it would be a fairly low priority, as our core team has its hands full with some major refactoring work (we are half way through entirely rewriting Gibbon!).

A more likely option is to hire a PHP programmer to make the change, and then to submit it back to us via GitHub, so that we can incorporate it into future versions. Does this sound feasible, given your context?