Parent user name

Hi Ross,

Right now we have the same setting for parent and teacher username ( first name first letter and full last name)
What would be your suggestion to set parent’s username so it will be different than the teacher username, i am afraid this will be a problem in the future.


Ayu, at the moment I have no suggestion, other than tweaking the username in the database after it is created. We can add a range of settings to allow different structures for different role categories, if you would like. I could line that up for v14. Thanks, Ross.

Hi Ross,
I think that creating separate “namespaces” for different types of users would be great, but that is much more than what Ayu was asking.
Right now we make the usernames by hand. We have the convention of:
“First letter of first name” + “Surname” for Teachers, and unfortunately, also for Parents (we are not a big school and so this has given us no problem so far)
So we are thinking that to avoid username clashes, we could add a small prefix for parent usernames: something like:
“p.” + “First letter of first name” + “Surname”
So it would be:
rparker if you are a teacher in our school
p.rparker if you are only a parent

Would this work? Any information on valid characters for usernames?


Namespace is the right word!

Your proposal should work fine, if we were to make the changes outlined above. Basically you can use any character that is not a [ or a ], and it should work.

I have added this as item 5 in the v14 todo list.