Our Term 4 does not appear when creating new report


I would like to start to setting up our upcoming Term 4 report, but the problem is our Term 4 does not appear at the drop down menu option under the Term column, the options are only up to Term 3, even though the Term 4 already set for this academic year. I attached here screen shots for your references. Please let me know if we have missed something here…Thank you for your support!

Hello, again @andystat will be definitive on this. However, I’ve traced the list back to /admin_define_function.php, line 145, which calls the function readTerm() from /functions.php, line 853. This function uses the following SQL:

SELECT gibbonSchoolYearTermID AS termID, name, nameShort
FROM gibbonSchoolYearTerm
WHERE gibbonSchoolYearTerm.gibbonSchoolYearID = :schoolYearID
ORDER BY sequenceNumber

Can you replace :schoolYearID with the id for 2018, run it on your database and see what it returns?

Alternatively add the following as a new line after 145 in functions.php and see what it returns:

echo $termList->rowCount();

Thanks, and good luck!


Thank you Ross!