Online Workshop


I just registered for your online workshop on April 22nd and this is going to be my first online workshop. I have few questions though.

  1. How many people so far have signed up for the online workshop?
  2. Should i received an email after i’ve done my registration? ( i haven’t got any)
  3. This is going to be my first online workshop, can you please let me know what should i have/ prepare before the workshop start.

Thank you very much for your help and so excited for the workshop!


I’m also curious about this. I will not be able to follow it the whole day, and I wonder what will be available after the event: slides? videos of the presentations?
Looking forward to it!

Ayu, Urko,

Good questions, and sorry for the radio silence from our end. I’ll send something out now by email to participants to explain where we stand. In short, in the coming day or two we are going to decide on a schedule and format, and then email it out to all participants. Just have not had time yet.

Thanks for your patience.


Ayu, Urko,

These details are going to go out by email in a moment. But in case anyone comes across this thread, here’s the current latest. This link will always hold the most up to date info, as we move forward.

I’m happy to announce that we have firmed up some details for the upcoming Gibbon Training Day (April 22nd). Details are below:

Session Schedule

Based on feedback given in the original registration process, we have put together the following session schedule. Please note all sessions will be run on Hong Kong Time (HKT)

Sign up and select sessions at

1. Welcome To Gibbon (10:00-10:30 HKT)
2. Getting Started With Gibbon (10:30-11:15 HKT)
3. Modifying Gibbon (11:15-12:15 HKT)
4. Gibbon Servers & Partnerships (13:00-13:45 HKT)
5. Gibbon & Curriculum (13:45-14:45 HKT)
6. Question & Answer (14:45-15:00 HKT)

There will be a lunch break from 12:15 to 13:00.

Digital Participation

Digital participation is limited to 25 people per session, and will be take place via Google Hangouts, using the Google Account. We will send you an invite prior to the start of the event: please make sure to accept this so that we can include you in our call. On the day, we will set up a video call, and then call up those who have registered on a per session basis.

More details to come nearer the date.


We would like to recording during the workshop session through my computer, is this okay? or will be a video available after the workshop is over?



My plan was to record and then make available afterwards.

Would you be happy to assist by recording all the sessions and then sharing with us? We’d ask that you share privately first, so we can vet and make sure no personal information is contained in the videos, and then we will publish. Does that sound OK?



Hi Ross,
We can try to do a screen recording of whatever Ayu receives on her laptop, but we are in Bali, not exactly a great internet line here.
I don’t think it’s a good idea if that’s the only option you arrange, so I’d suggest getting more people to do it. Better too many than too few.

We’re happy to share whatever we have after the event, of course.


Urko, a very good point. I’ll see if we can set up for local recording, which might be best. If you guys find the connection is OK, and can record too, then that gives us some backup. Thanks! Ross.

Hi Ross,
It is 10.20 and i am not receiving any invitation yet from you to my google hangout account. I see that you are offline as well. Can you please send your invitation so i can join the workshop. Thank you.

Ayu, we sent email invitations for each of the sessions, but perhaps these went to your spam folder? We recorded each of the sessions, and will get them online in the coming week. Sorry you missed it! Thanks, Ross.