Online payment

Hello, Ross/Sandra

I have enabled PayPal as the online payment method. When the invoice is issued, the invoicee will get an email and there is a link in the email to allow him/her to pay the invoice via PayPal. However, when the user log into the school account, go to finance, see the issued invoice, there is only a “Print” button, there is no link to pay the invoice online. Is this by design? or I need to enable something to have a link to online payment in the school account? If it is by design, can I request to have a link to make online payment in the school account – it seems to be counter-intuitive for the user to log into the online account, see the invoice but cannot pay it online.

Thank you.


Hi Yirong, this does indeed look like a bug and not the intended functionality. I’ve updated the code for v24, which you can see in the following commit and make the same changes in your codebase to apply this fix:

Thank you, Sandra, for such quick response. I have updated my code and it works great.