One site for school system, or two?

In a school system I am looking at, the elementary schools use Terms and the secondary schools use Semesters. There is no relationship between the Term and Semester start and end dates and they can overlap (see graphic).

Is it better to create separate sites for Elementary and Secondary schools, despite the fact that:
It is the same school system, students graduate from the last elementary school year to the first secondary school year
Parents have kids in both elementary and secondary.


Hi Tieku, I’d be tempted to use separate installs here, but this does mean that records in the two age groups are separated, and you need to move student and parent records from one installation to the other.

The alternative would be to have a single install, with a single long term that includes all terms and semesters, but this would be far less informative for teachers, parents and students.

No easy answer I’m afraid!


same issue but we had to do separate installation and it works well… and be ready in making double changes.

Otherwise, Gibbon is really awesome!