Odd Glitch

Only seems to be happening for one of our admin staff…

When they try to check the attendance for any class, the date resets to 1970.


This is odd, but this date (more specifically midnight on Jan 1st 1970) is the Unix Epoch, when many computers begin counting positive time from. Is the browser up to date? Has it been restarted and the cache cleared? Has the computer been restarted? If you can check/do all of these things, and then let us know if it is still happening, that would be great.


Happening for two different accounts now.

Tried the above. Same issue.

Adam, can you email me my username and password for your Gibbon to support@gibbonedu.org and I will log in and see what is going on. Cheers. Ross.

@ross does anything pop to mind that might be causing this?

Very odd (also that it thinks 1970 is in the future :smirk:). If it’s just a couple users but not all, do they maybe have a different locale set in preferences, and the localization strings for converting dates are messing up somehow?

Sandra, good thinking. I think I have recreated the issue, although I can’t imagine anyone actually doing this.

  1. Set language to US English.
  2. Load Attendance By Roll Group, leave date as default and select a group.
  3. Press submit.
  4. Change language to UK English.
  5. Refresh the page

Adam, Sandra, can you confirm that this triggers it for you?


Worked. Thanks.

Adam, can you elucidate…what worked? Do you mean that the steps I provided recreated the issue, or you have solved the issue…?

Steps provided by you solved the issue. Date now normal.

That is odd. So, the final language in use is US or UK English?


Thanks Adam. I cannot recreate this with US language unless I switch languages and reload the page. Will leave it for now, and see if it, or something similar, comes up for anyone else.