Not Secure / Can't login

Hey, I tried logging into my school site today, but it won’t let me. I’ve noticed in the address by that it says the school site is not secure. I’m assuming that’s why it won’t let me continue. What can I do about that?

Not sure what happened, but it seems I can login now, although it still says not secure.


The secure/non-secure issue comes down to whether you access via HTTP or HTTPS. To use HTTPS you need to have an SSL certificate. The result of HTTPS is that your passwords are not sent over the Internet in plain text, but rather are encrypted. A good system admin or hosting company should be able to help set all of this up for you.

In terms of the login not working, this should not be related, but from what you have told me I cannot tell you the cause based on the information you have given me. If it happens again, let me know and we can dig deeper into the problem for you.