No email from forgot password

I entered my passwrord wrong too many times and i have been told to reset it which is fine. However I am not receiving an email with the reset link. I didn’t enter any SMTP server as the admin as we weren’t using any email at the time and I am the only admin user so no one else can reset my password.
So is there any way to reset my password and log in again-I have full access to the DB and files.

PS: I also sent an email to the email account as it took about 20 hours for this confirmation email to register here to come through.


You are not the first person to be in this situation. Please see the post below, which should help in terms of the email problem:

To reset your password, you can run the following SQL on your database:

UPDATE gibbonPerson SET password=md5(‘newPassword’), passwordStrong=‘’, passwordStrongSalt=‘’ WHERE gibbonPersonID=1;

The first user created, which is always an admin user, always has the ID 1.

Hope this helps.


Brilliant thanks-I’m in again. I actually found the easiest way to get in again was to reset the fail counter to 0-thus my original password worked

Oh yeah, mine would not have worked without reset the fail count! Well spotted : ) So:

UPDATE gibbonPerson SET failCount=0 WHERE gibbonPersonID=1;

Which can be combined with the above to:

UPDATE gibbonPerson SET failCount=0, password=md5(‘newPassword’), passwordStrong=‘’, passwordStrongSalt=‘’ WHERE gibbonPersonID=1;

If the password is forgotten.