No elements shown in core and additional sections in Template builder

Hello team,

We are trying to use the Template Builder tool for generating customized reports. But for customizing the report I do not see any elements as expected in the Core and Additional part in Add Sections (Please refer to the screenshot below.)

Gibbon V19.0 is installed on Xampp V3.2.4 with PHP 7.3.

I have tried to Scan Asset Directories too but neither did I get any templates nor did the aforementioned problem get solved.

Switching browsers from Chrome to Mozilla to IE did not help either.

Is there any way to troubleshoot this?


Hi Kiran,

Scanning the asset directory should be what populates the available sections for the template builder. If you are not seeing anything under Add Sections after scanning the assets then I wonder if it’s a file permission issue. Be sure to check that your system has read access to the Reports module folder, specifically the templates folder. For many systems these permissions may be 0755 or 0644, and also may depend on the user and group-level access to files.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra,

I have checked the permissions as well all the users have the permission even to write as shown in the screenshot below.

Tried installing everything afresh on another system having Win 10 pro (had tried on Win 8.1 earlier) but the issue remains the same.

Is there anyone using this on Windows via Xampp?

They might have faced the issue if not they can help please.


Hi Kiran,

I’m not sure about which other users have tried using Xampp, unfortunately I use Mamp so I can only offer general troubleshooting tips. Be sure to check the permissions for the templates folder that’s inside the modules/Reports folder as well. Also, if you have access to your PHP error logs, you could try and run the Scan Assets tool and see if any errors crop up.

Hello, this is an old thread, but we’ve fixed an issue where Windows systems were not scanning assets properly, if this sounds like it might be related to your issue, here is the fix here, which is part of v23 but can be applied to your codebase in the same files: