nginx and gettext

I’m trying to install gibbon 8.3 in my localhost using ubuntu 14.04, nginx, php5-fpm, and try to enable my local language (id_ID).

already editing mysql configuration, and enable my language.

The problems is my translation not show up. is there any way to fix this problem?


Nice to hear Gibbon works, for the most part, with nginx, which has not been odne before to my knowledge. I just spent a few hours playing around with this, and no solution. However, I have some clues. Even with the right locale installed (locale -a | grep id), it does not work. The issue seems to be something with nginx and PHP’s setlocale issue.

If you find the line in index.php where setlocale is called and wrap it in a var_dump() call, you will see it is returning false. This means it is failing.

If you then call:

print setLocale(LC_ALL, 0)

At some point later in the code, you see it returns “C”, which seems to be the default locale.

The odd thing about nginx is that there seems to be little in the way of documentation or help out there for such problems. It is a Russian system, so perhaps searching in Russian might help. That is beyond me though!

I have tried changing the locale from “id_ID” to “id_ID.UTF-8”, both of which are installed, but this does nothing either.

Not sure what else I can think of. You have any ideas?

I did learn how to set up nginx though, so that was good :wink: