"Next Form Group" dropdown not populated

In “Manage Form Groups”, when editing a Form Group the dropdown “Next Form Group” is not populated so one is not able to choose the “Next Form Group”. When I populate it in the csv file, it is read, checked if it is a short name for a rollgroup but also not populated.
Through the error on importing form groups via csv I understand that “next form group” has to be an existing roll group. So when importing them the first time a got an error as expected, and when importing it the second time, after importing without the “next form group” set, everything went fine. Therefore I think the check worked, but nonetheless the values don’t appear in the interface.

I also found it briefly mentioned in this post: https://ask.gibbonedu.org/discussion/3205/how-to-fill-data-on-a-new-gibbon-installation#latest. Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong? I guess it will be a problem when the first rollover occurs.

Since “Form Group” and “Roll Group” seem to be used synonymous, which confused me as a non native speaker, I could imagine the query to populate the dropdown using the other term or a problem in the method creating the dropdown. Otherwise I could not explain how the check during the import is working. But I have to say I did neither dig into the database to see if the value is written on import nor into the code. I’m just starting using gibbon and those are steps that still lie ahead of me.

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Hi Paul,

If you’re seeing that Next Form Group is not populated, it’s possible that the form groups for the upcoming year haven’t been defined yet, which means there’s nothing to connect to. There’s a tool to Copy To Next Year on the Manage Form Groups page, or you can define them manually. There’s a prev/next year switcher to manage the form groups for upcoming years.

Form Group is the UK term, and I believe Roll Group is the US term, and some schools also use the terms homeroom, tutor group, or advisor group. It can be confusing at first, part of creating a system for a global audience. You can use the String Replacements if you need to set it to a specific term for your uses.

Hope this helps!

Hello Sandra,

that’s exactly it! There are no form groups defined for the next year. So obiously there is no option available. That absolutely makes sense! Thank you!

Now I’m not sure if the error on importing the csv was approriate. It occured on the first import of from groups for a year. So I imported them without "next roll group set. It disappeared on the second import of the same dataset with “next roll group” added. There were still no form groups for the next year defined.
Shouldn’t there be an error thrown? I would see the circumstances as the same as on the first import, or on manually entering / editing a form group.

Using the different terms was OK once I got it. I just think using “form group” in the interface and “roll group” in the naming of the downloadable files and as column names in the csv files can be a hurdle for new users.
I figured it out because the getting started document implied that it is the same, and by trial.

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