New Zealand's National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)

Hi Ross,

May you please add NCEA in the Assesment Scales List? Like I mentioned, we use a different system in New Zealand and I need to be able to track my NCEA progress in Gibbon.

*You may need to research the system and how it works to include it in Gibbon.


Hi Plan4learning11,

Gibbon has a pretty flexible system for setting up new assessment scales so it should work for NCEA too. You can find the tools to setup a new scale under Admin > School Admin > Manage Grade Scales. From here you can add the scale, then edit it to add the individual grades or descriptors.

When adding grades to the grade scale, the sequence number option lets you control the order of the whole scale, so a sequence number of 1 would be the top of the scale, doing down from there. Give a shout if you have any questions getting the NCEA assessment scale setup :smiley: