New Zealand Schools

Hi All,

quick question…anyone here using Gibbon in NZ? Wondering if I could connect and ask some questions…


Hi Calvin,

Welcome to Gibbon! I’ve not had any direct contact with any NZ schools, but from our statistics (which schools can opt out of, so they are never complete) we’ve had about 20 installs from NZ over the years. At current none of them are marked as Production and running up to date software, so I’m not sure any of them are live and in use.

Hopefully someone on the forum from NZ does see this and respond. Otherwise, let us know if you’d like to chat (, and we can arrange a Zoom meeting.



Hi Ross

yes, would love to chat. I did a search and someone was inquiring about NZ grade system, I thought I might get to ask about that.

Will send email.

Hi Cameron,

Sounds great. Looking forward to hearing from you. If you can suggest 3 or 4 times that work for you in the coming week, then I’d check.