New Language

Hey Ross - Hope you’re doing good :slight_smile:

A quick query, what are the steps involved if the system needs to be displayed in an entirely new language?

Already your team/volunteers have done a great job in providing multiple language options (ex.English, Espaniol,Italian etc ) to choose from. However, I wanted to know the self help steps for introducing a totally new language.

Thanks. Always.

Hi everkool82, thanks : ) The process is that we need to add the language to the current development version, and then push the translatable strings into POEditor, which is where the translations take place. Hope this helps! Ross.

Hello Admin,

Will you be more elaborate on adding new language.


Hi Suresh, if you can let me know what language you’d like to have added to Gibbon, I can let you know the process, as it varies depending on what work has been done already. Thanks, Ross.

Thank you Ross.

I want to add Marathi which is Indian regional language.

Yet I didn’t started anything.

Hi Suresh,

It looks like a Marathi translation doesn’t exist yet, if you’d like to volunteer to start the translations please send your email to and we’ll get the language setup for translation and add you as a translator.

Thanks! :smiley: