Nbr of school days per term using Query Builder

Hi Ross,

I was searching for a query that would tell be how many school days I have in each term. I couldn’t find this. I need it to create attendance reports.

Can you assist me?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

The Attendance Summary by Date page can give you a count of school days that attendance was taken for in a date range. If it’s for dates in the past, you could set the start and end of the range to the term start and end and look for the “Total number of school days in date range”. The only caveat for that total is it doesn’t count days where no one in the school took attendance (which usually only happens on non-school days).

Maybe this does the trick? It’ll likely only help for dates in the past though.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the fast reply!

This should do since we do attendance reports at the end of each term.

It’s a new v13 feature, right? I’m still on v12 though. I’ll check it out.

Kind regards,

Roman, v14 will be out on June 20th, and will definitely be worth updating, as there are a range of fixes and improvements, not to mention a number of coding innovations behind the scenes (more of this to come in v15 and v16). Ross.