Mystery Student

This is probably a very simple problem, but for the life of me, I cannot work out what is going on.
All our students were entered as users.
After year groups and roll groups were crested I went through and added each student, assigned thier year group and roll group.
When I go to roll groups, 1 child is missing from 1 of the classes. He doesn’t appear in a student search but does appear here Home > User Admin > Manage Student Enrolment It says he is in the correct class and roll group but when i got to Home > Roll Groups > View Roll Groups and click on his roll group…he doesn’t appear. Also does not appear here Home > Students > View Student Profiles
All other students added worked correctly and appear where they should.
I have tried to re-add him I get this error message Your request failed because your inputs were invalid. I assume this is because he is actually in there somewhere.

help me please



Glad to hear you are a fan. Keep the questions coming ; )


Thanks Ross, It was his end date that had been put in incorrectly. SOLVED!!!
thanks for the speedy response and solution. Gibbon Rocks!

Sue, check his start date in Admin > User Admin > Manage Users. If his start date has not been reached he will not show up. Helpful?