Moving Classes to a different time and room for one particular date


Is there a way to do a one-time move of a Class to another room and time, so that the change shows up in the corresponding Timetables? (Teacher, Student, etc)

Say, next week they are painting the room in which Class A takes place, and there are no other rooms available at that time slot, so the only possibility is to move it to the same day but to a different time and different room. And only for next week’s class, because after that the original room will be available again.

Thank you!

Hi Ricardo,

You can make facility changes with Timetable > Manage Facility Changes. This will let you change the room but not the time. These will show up with a red border around the room number on the timetable, letting people know the room has temporarily changed.

Currently, there’s no way to make one-off changes to the time a class takes place on the timetable, and this would likely be a non-trivial change given how the timetable works. If cases like this are rare, you could edit the timetable itself for that class, then reset the timetable once the room is available again. The scope of changes required to add this feature, vs the utility value of the feature itself, makes it unlikely to be a priority for core development. We do welcome changes from developers who wish to contribute features to the core.

Hi Sandra
I hope you are fine!
Yes I saw that option.
In the school I’m implementing Gibbon this is very common, but I’m aware that it is an unconventional school and it has a more flexible behavior.
I’ll take it as a limitation for my use case and I’ll see how we can adapt.

Thank you!