Move gradebook columns to another Term

I imported my gradebooks columns, and then decided to set Group Columns by Term to Yes.

I now need to move all the gradebooks and columns to Term 2. What is the best way to do this, hopefully with an import. I am trying to get a query to pull up all gradebook columns as well

Hi Tieku, I think the best bet for this one is to go into the database, and check out the table gibbonMarkbookColumn. Here you can edit the field gibbonSchoolYearTermID in order to change the term. You can do this manually, or with some SQL. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross,

I have determined that the value of gibbonSchoolYearTermID is 00034, 00035, 00036 for Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 respectively.

I have updated all the values to 00035. After looking at the gibbonMarkbookColumn and saw the changes I had already made at the site, I ran this:

UPDATE gibbonMarkbookColumn
SET gibbonSchoolYearTermID = ‘00035’, gibbonPersonIDLastEdit = ‘0000000001’, attainmentRawMax = ‘NULL’, gibbonUnitID = ‘0000000000’

The problem is when I go to search for Gradebooks, the columns show up under Term 2 now, but confusingly still under Term 1 as well. In actual fact the first columns I changed at the website were behaving the same before the database table update.


Hi Tieku, in Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings, have you enabled the Group Columns by Term setting?


Yes, as stated in the first post. The columns show up under searches for Term 1 or Term 2, but not Term 3

Hi Tieku,

The markbook is falling back to using the date field as well, to handle cases where the setting is turned on with existing data. In this case, the date being in a different term is likely what is causing the markbook to show up under a different spot. You may be able to update your queries to similarly change the dates.