Moodle user sync issue

i created a user on gibbon and as normal after the cron job the user is also created on moodle but this was not happening and i took a look at the cron job output(see below) i dont know what it means when it says skipping unknown username.
@leofreitas @admin i could really your your expertise in this matter as i have tried everything i know of and i am at a dead end

thanks in advance

Check your settings in Moodle. The message says that the courses already exist. It looks like you are trying to enter a new course with an idnumber assigned to another course.

yes i fixed that but still the user enrolment for ‘Mercy faith’ is giving an error

Check if the login is correct (sensitive case)

Dear Syamkerai
At least for you it is much better if the Gibbon user information is being transferred onto MOODLE after running a cron job. Which cron job are you running? Is it the same cron.php in MOODLE package?

Or let me ask for what sort of data are you filling in the Enrolment and Authentication plugin settingings. Maybe these are the fields I am not filling in correctly.

Your assistance please.