Monthly Attendance record of all students in my class

Hi Team,
I am using the attendance summary by date and set start date and end date and then Group by class choose the class and sort by surname. on clicking go. My results don’t show up

This is the report i get
Report Data: Feb 11 - Feb 16, 2019

Total number of school days to date: 4
Total number of school days in date range: 3

There are no records to display.

This is a demo class i had set up and there has been students who have been marked as absent but there are no records showing up. dont know what I am doing wrong.

Hi paschal,

Are you seeing any results in the report before filtering it to a specific date range? It may also depend on how the attendance is being taken: if you’re using Attendance by Roll Group/Form Group, then the per-class attendance isn’t available for this report. The attendance will only be tied to a specific class when using the Attendance by Class option.