Monitor Attendance

i would like to show a notification with a Student updates his Attendance

Thanks for your answer :smiling_face:. i would like to show notification when when a student updates their own attendance for example (we’r providing ID cards to students with bar code) so entering & leaving school time to monitor a student. Thanks

Hello, and welcome to the Gibbon community. To whom would you like to display the notification? And only when a student updates their own attendance (which is new in the soon-to-be-released v14), or when a member of staff updates their attendance?

OK, do you want a set person (e.g. parent, form tutor) to be notified, or do you want to be able to set people to be notified?

yes i want to set people to b notified (e.g Parents)

@ross is this something you could look to add in v15, so that there is an option (off by default) for parents to be notified when a student self registers? Thanks : )

Sure, should be possible, added it to the roadmap

I have a school that wants to take attendance twice a day. We can take attendance morning and afternoon but there is only one record per student per day so it is not possible to have a full attendance record, we can just see whether they were present in the afternoon. Is there a simple trick I am missing to get round this problem?

Hi Andy, I am going to tag @ross here, as she has more experience with this. Hopefully she has some ideas. Ross.

Hi Andy,

The only work-around that I can think of would be to use the class-based attendance and create two classes for each homeroom, one for AM and one for PM. This would let teachers take attendance twice and track when it was taken/if it needs to be taken. The Classes Not Registered page in attendance can also allow admin to see at a glace if attendance is being taken for each “class”.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. I will take a look at this.

It is possible to set it up like this but, unless I am missing something, you can’t look at attendance records for a class, only a form group.
I’ve tried the classes not registered link and it tells me all the classes have been registered but they haven’t.

It appears to be just the trends we can’t get at. I might get away with this!

Having looked again I can’t see a way to get class attendance summary statements. I can take class attendance but I can’t do anything with it once I have taken it. The ‘classes not registered’ option doesn’t give me any data. :confused:

Hi Andy, this seems to be the same issue you emailed about. I’ve emailed you back, and we can post the eventual solution here when we are done. Thanks : )

Hi was there a solution for this?

Hi rprice1978. The issue of taking attendance twice a day for the same homeroom is still outstanding, but the workaround of using an AM and PM class for this tends to be a stable solution. To the original posters question of monitoring attendance, v21 will include a CLI script for sending a daily summary of attendance to form group teachers and/or parents, to help people keep a close eye on any attendance issues. Hope this helps!