Modifying Module Actions (Sidebar)

I’m looking to how I can modify contents in the sidebar. The ones in the modules that I don’t need specifically need like job openings in the staffs module and staff application form in the user admin module are the ones the our school system does not implement since we really don’t need online application forms for staffing. I would like to remove this action in the module based system but I can’t seem to find it in the code. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Mashiro,

No problem, luckily there’s no need to edit the code. If you go to User Admin > Mange Permissions, you can find the Staff module and turn off those actions for all users (uncheck any checkboxes, including admin). Then log out and back in and the actions will be gone.

I have tried managing permissions, but I could not submit the inputs I’ve given. The submit button simply would not show up, but instead “php.ini max_input_vars=1000” there seems to be a limit to how much the system can show at once. “Number of inputs on this page=1355” I’m looking for the src where I can change this variable.

Hi Mashiro, max_input_vars is a PHP setting, and so can be changed in php.ini on your server, or using .htaccess. If you can let us know what type of OS and/or hosting you use, we can offer further advise.

You can temporarily mitigate this issue by using the Module and Role select menus at the top of the Manage Permissions page to reduce the size of the form.

Thanks! Ross

Ah, this one’s not in the source either, it’s a setting on your server. The max_input_vars` setting can be found in your php.ini file on your server (where exactly may depend on your setup). You could also try adding this line to the the .htaccess file in the Gibbon root folder:

php_value max_input_vars 7000`

Otherwise, you can also use the Filters at the top of the permission page to select a single module. This will greatly reduce the number of inputs, and chances are you’ll see the submit button.

Hope this helps!

edit looks like Ross got here first :smiley:

Thank you very much! This has helped me a bunch.