Missing fields in Report card.

The screenshot is part of a student’s generated draft report. The Student has a Student ID and is in a Form Group with a Form Tutor. I am wondering why the Form Tutor shows up but the Form Group and Student ID do not.

This is the Student Info section.

@ross @rossdotparker

Hi Tieku,

I don’t see a name or photo for this student either. Is this the built-in Student Details asset or has it been modified in any way? Can you check Report Settings to see that debug mode is on, then in the generate screen click the inspect tool, this will show whether the data is being collected properly before generating, to narrow down if it’s a data issue or a generation issue. Any other information about your template and setup to reproduce the issue would be helpful, as I have tested this asset locally and it is working as expected.

Hi Sandra,

I decided to start everything from scratch and it’s working as expected as it always has in the past. I am going to try and find out what happened with the other site…

Okay, good to hear it’s working, let us know what you discover.