Meta Tags

Are we allowed to change the Meta Tags so that when a website like facebook can get the content that reates to the school?


Sure, the system is open source, so technically you can do this. I can’t think of any issues this will cause, except that when you upgrade the system, you will need change make the meta changes again.


Okay, I only managed to change the one located in *index.php   but still facebook and other websites return the same meta tag before I changed. Could you please provide the list of all files that the Meta Tag can be changed. Because facebook still exracts this:


tinymce.init({ selector: "div#editorcontainer textarea", width: '738px', menubar : false, toolbar: 'bold, italic, underline,forecolor,backcolor,|,alignleft, aligncenter, alignright, alignjustify, |, formatselect, fontselect, fontsizeselect, |, table, |, bullist, numlist,outdent, indent, |, link, unlink, image, media, hr, charmap, subscript, superscript, |, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, fullscreen', plugins: 'table, template, paste, visualchars, image, link, template, textcolor, hr, charmap, fullscreen, media', statusbar: false, valid_elements: 'br,strong[*],em[*],span[*],p[*],address[*],pre[*],h1[*],h2[*],h3[*],h4[*],h5[*],h6[*],table[*],thead[*],tbody[*],tfoot[*],tr[*],td[*],ol[*],ul[*],li[*],blockquote[*],a[*],img[*],video[*],source[*],hr[*],iframe[*],embed[*],div[*],sup,sub', apply_source_formatting : true, browser_spellcheck: true, convert_urls: false, relative_urls: false });` ```


index.php is the primary spot, and so I wonder if there is some PHP caching going on here?

You can find the other spots where meta tags exist by searching the code base for “<meta”, using a text editor to search multiple files at once, but I don’t think they are as important as index.php.


PS, please leave my name and my school’s name as the author…thanks!

No problem