Hi Ross,

I would like to ask about Messenger option on Gibbon. We tried to send out Emergency messanger to all parents by Email and sms yesterday after the earthquake here, but unfortunately the sms did not get through to the parents only email partially I think. Then I tried to set up another emergency message to staff but I chose sms option only and it was sent out to the staff.
Any idea why? is it because we used both email and sms at the same time???

Hi Ayu,

Sorry to hear about the earthquake! We have had good results sending email and SMS at the same time.

Are you using v16? If so, SMS sending is now logged, with the advantage that you can go into the Gibbon database and see what has happened. If you are using v15, your only option is to use the interface provided by the SMS gateway (One Way SMS I guess, unless you’ve modified it). That interface can be useful, but only if the message gets as far as the gateway.

In our experience during some emergencies in HK (like typhoons) messages get delayed a some minutes or hours because the phone network is heavily strained.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ross we all are fine here…
We still using V15, is there any bug in V15 messenger code that you heard or know before?

Ayu, good to hear! No bugs in v15 Messenger on the SMS front, just less logging. Ross.