Message tool

Hi folks,

Just recently I came across the lesson chat rooms, which are part of the planner module and this got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be real nice to have a message tool similar to email but fully integrated in Gibbon to contact stakeholders, exchange ideas, questions, etc.?

Such a message tool would come in rather handy especially in setups where Gibbon is used offline.

What do you think?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman, this is a really interesting idea. Are you thinking of something like email, or Slack, or something different? Gibbon’s Messenger focuses on out-going bulk messages, but it is really only one way in terms of how parents and students are concerned. Cheers, Ross.

I was thinking of something like email. What I’m missing currently is a way for users to reply similar to the way you implemented this in the chats.

I believe Gibbon’s messenger could rather easily be extended to achieve this.

What do you think?

Hi Roman, I agree it could, but then I was also involved in trying to code an email client into a school platform 10 years ago, and we found it was far harder, with far more implied assumptions and knowledge, than we’d realised. The result was not pretty! That said, if someone has the appetite for it, I’d not try and stop them from trying : ) Ross.

I wasn’t thinking of coding a complete email client into Gibbon. I’m fine using an external client for emails.

Just a simple chat tool should do, I guess. :slight_smile: