Hi Ross,

Any plans to include medical and dental appointments as a part of medical records?


This is a good idea, but not something I am in a position to provide right now. How urgent/important would you say this is for you? I could possibly look at getting it into v12, which is due out June 2016.



Hi Ross,

This would be a great and important addition for schools in my country. The students in the schools here does a dental every six months and Gibbon will surely help to streamline the process. June 2016 will be fine.
Thanks much.

Willpro, noted! I have added your request to the todo list for v12, and you can see it as item 20 at this address:

There is no gaurantee that it will get done, but we will do our best. I will update this thread when the work is done, or to update you if we have any problems.

Are there any fields you would particularly like to see in this new feature? Date? Name of doctor? etc.



Time would be another option and instead of doctor only it could be doctor/medical institution. I it’s not too much, the ability to search who have appointment/follow up treatment by month.


Willpro, thanks for the extra input. These fields have been noted in the todo list. In terms of search, I will provide a Query Builder query to go with this. Are you using Query Builder yet? Adds a lot of power.

Thanks Ross.

Re: Query Builder. I have not used it. Would it require a license?

Willpro, it does require a license, but these are free for the time being. Email with your school/organisation name, and we will issue you a free license.

Thanks Ross, but i don’t have a direct school working with at the moment. I have install  Gibbon on a remote server and what I am currently doing is learning the system so I can be in a good position to offer proper training and guidance to the schools I will be pursuing.

Willpro, good thinking! Hopefully there will be a market for your efforts : ) Are you doing this through a company? If so, email the company name, and your full name. If not, just email your full name, and we will work something out. Ross.

ok Ross, completed as requested

Willpro, as we approach release of v12, we are finding there are some features we do not believe we will have time to complete. One of these is the one discussed above, which we have decided to delay to v13: it is listed in the v13 todo list as item 3, where it is combined with another similar request. Sorry for this delay…we are doing our best!

Thanks for the update Ross. 

Willpro, a basic sick bay functionality has now been added to v13 (it is in the latest commits on the dev branch), and will be included in the upcoming release (January 20th). The interface, called First Aid Record, can be found under People > Students. Hopefully this is enough to get you started, and we can look at medical and dental records in more detail in the future. Ross.

Thank-you very much Ross. Looking forward to it